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UCLA Engagement: Kris loves Heather

When two people are destined to meet and to fall in love, nothing will stop it from happening. Stars will align. Kris was from the Bay Area. He had always planned on a school closer to home, but there he was attending UCLA. Heather had a full ride to UCR, but she insisted on being a Bruin. Two people on a huge campus. The chances of meeting are still astronomical. But due to some acts of fate, Kris was randomly assigned to live with his roommate, and his roommate was dating Heather’s. Soon they belonged to a close knit group of friends, but friends they would not remain.
Their first date would be to Little Tokyo and it would be that night that Kris would officially ask Heather to be his girlfriend. The stars were most definitely aligned and… the moon was full. Anyone who knew Heather, knew she was obsessed with the moon. And there before her shining brightly and vividly was a beautiful full moon. The moon always showed up in the most pivotal times in her life. And there it was shining. Destiny had made sure they would be together sharing that light in the night sky.
It would Thanksgiving when Kris would ask the woman he loved to marry him. Both of their families gathered around. Heather’s father asked her to say the prayer. Kris said he would help since his family was also there visiting. Heather said the prayer, thanking God for the many blessings in their lives. When it was Kris’ turn to talk, he thanked Heather for being the woman she was. He wanted what he already had forever. He got down on one knee and asked her to be only his. Heather said, “Yes!”

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