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Oak Glen Engagement Photography: Thomas loves Hope

Destiny is one that will make sure paths cross. However, what crossed Thomas and Hope’s path was a train. They were both late to work, parked a mile away from their facing car dealerships. They stood on the sidewalk and exchanged awkward glances. Not a single word was spoken, but destiny had made her point. It would be two months later, when they would run into each other again at a local restaurant. This time, Thomas worked up a enough courage to say hello and to introduce himself… and of course stalked and became Hope’s friend on Facebook. With Hope he was quiet, but Thomas was showing all of his family and friends her pictures and telling them that he would do anything for a date with her.
A few weeks later, destiny brought them together at a mutual friend’s party. Now Thomas worked up enough courage to ask her out. What was supposed to be a couple of hours together at the Aquarium of the Pacific was not enough. Soon they were eating lunch on the Santa Monica Pier. Then the afternoon became evening, and they found themselves driving to Ventura to see Thomas’ father for dinner. During the drive, Thomas texted his mother, “I’m going to marry this girl.”
Fast forward a year and half later. Thomas surprised Hope with a little getaway to La Jolla. Hope walked out to enjoy a breathtaking sunset from the balcony. She turned to find Thomas on one knee. An awkward glance, a first hello, a brave first date… Thomas asked what he and Destiny had always wanted, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” She said, “Yes.”

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