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Los Angeles Engagement: Franco loves Stephanie

Stephanie walked into class late. There was an empty seat. She asked the boy, “Can I sit here?” He replied, “No.” He was saving the seat for another girl. It would be something that Stephanie would never forget. His answer had been, “No.” Fast forward five years. This time it wasn’t a high school class they shared, but a gym.
Stephanie was upstairs working out on a bike and Franco was downstairs working out on equipment. Franco claims to this day that Stephanie was looking at him and that was the reason he went up to talk to her. Stephanie claims she was staring out into space. Regardless, she talked his ear off as he calmly listened to her. Numbers were exchanged and a couple of days later Franco texted Stephanie to hang out. For Franco this was a date and he showed up nicely dressed. Stephanie was just going to hang out so she wore a tube top with jeans and flip flops. Franco still makes fun of how she dressed for their first date. The second date came and already they both realized that they admired the same things in life…Love of Family, Values and Morals.
The Fourth of July arrived and  both of their families came together to celebrate. Each person made a wish and placed a lit lantern into the pool. Stephanie was the last one to make a wish. Everyone was staring at her and Stephanie was confused. There was Franco down on one knee. The girl he had once said, “No,” to was about to say, “Yes,” to him.

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