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Oak Glen Engagement: Jesús and Abigail

Love is never bound my time or borders. It is meant to exist. Some will call it a coincidence, others destiny but when love is meant to be it will endure.
Jesús thought he was meeting someone to sell a cell phone at the airport that day. He was on his way home from México to the United States. The buyer would arrive and by his side a pretty girl. Jesús would think about her on the flight home, but he did not know her name and now thousands of miles would separate them. It would be eight years, before he would see her again. It was at a party, a barbecue and Abigail was visiting family. He said to her, “I know you.” Abigail smiled at the man she had also noticed at the airport. Suddenly, she had a reason to stay in the United States.
In less than a year, Jesús would propose. It would be at dinner with her family. Abigail was eating cake. Her mouth was full when she saw him drop to one knee and hold out the ring. She chewed fast and swallowed hard and said, “Yes,” to the man who was destined to always be by her side.

(Jesus and Abigail had car trouble on the way to their first engagement session… this was the real one.)

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