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San Juan Capistrano & Beach Engagement: Joel and Yoli

Love is an adventure that is meant to be. There are no reasons not to pursue it. Pursuing for Joel meant literally running after the girl he had met at the party. He had asked Yoli out and she had agreed to see him at a park… where they would go on a run. Joel was athletic, but not a runner. So after the six mile run that left him tired and out of breath, he was sure she would at least have breakfast with him, but Yoli instead suggested a place where he could eat and she went on to have Menudo at her mom’s. (You can’t say, “no,” to her mom’s menudo.) Joel ate alone and thought of her the whole time. Days later, they would be at separate concerts. Yoli received the text that said, “I kind of like you.” She smiled as she read it because she kind of liked him too. Joel soon learned that going out with Yoli meant going on an adventure. Bowling would be their first date, but soon he would find himself white water rafting, hiking, climbing and even seeing the Amazon.
Joel was a history major and he wanted his proposal to be historic, monumental…epic. So on a trip to Washington D.C., he planned to ask the girl who took him out of his comfort zone to marry him. But every place was filled with tourists and he was filled with nerves. So finally on a bench, away from the crowds he handed Yoli a box. She opened it and saw the ring. Their biggest adventure they would share together forever was about to begin. She said, “Yes.”

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Joel loves Yoli

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