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Mt. Baldy Engagement- Eric loves Maria.

They were two kids on an Elementary Catholic School playground who started, “Dating.” By dating, he called her his girlfriend and he was her boyfriend as they stood around in plaid skirts and polo shirts and slacks. Then Maria broke his heart and ended it one day. Eric was heartbroken. Maria realized what she had done and asked  him back, but Eric was not having it. So they went of to different schools, moved away, grew up and each wondered how the other was doing through the years. They would find each other again on My Space and for dinner. What was supposed to be a meet and catch up ended up being hours of conversation. The restaurant next door had a night club.  They suddenly decided to go. The moment Eric took Maria’s hand to guide her in through the crowd, she knew that she would never let go of him again.

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Eric loves Maria



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