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Group Photos

When a couple wants a picture with every guest, it makes sense. Those that are invited are a special part of their lives. They are family that have seen them grow up, know their love story and looked forward to the day almost as much as the bride and groom. Yet, the idea of individually taking table pictures is literally something I refuse to do…for lots of reasons. First, it annoys the guests. There they are eating dinner, enjoying the company of the table and here comes photographer, asking everyone to stop eating, socializing and stand up and smile. What you get is a group of people with annoyed looks and fake smiles. Second, it takes up time. The DJ is motioning the photographer to hurry up when table 17 of 25 is being shot. Third, I honestly would rather eat dinner and get amazing pictures of the rings, but that’s just me being selfish. Yet, I still believe that shots of the guests are necessary so right before the dancing starts we call everyone to the dance floor… or right after ceremony… or both. What we get is a shot of the bride and groom and everyone who loves them .

While one photographer takes the shot from above, another photographer can shoot straight on, getting close ups of the bride and groom or of their guests. Below the flower girl reacts to the kiss.

These were shot right after ceremony.

This one right before dancing was scheduled.

We start with a nice picture… everyone looking up…

We have fun ….

And literally start the party!

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