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Pasadena Engagement Photography- Nicholas loves Vita

Nick asked the cute girl if he could see her paper and Vita let the cute, quiet guy copy in economics, but that was as far as that connection went. It would be years later when they would find each other on My Space. Vita did what she did not dare to in high school and asked him out. Nick was in a relationship with someone else so he nicely turned her down. Months would pass and Vita asked him again. This time he was free. They went to BJ’s. They can still remember what each other was wearing..Vita was in jeans and black thermal and Nick was in jeans in a black shirt…Where they sat…three seats from the back, on the left side of the first row down the stairs. They talked about their favorite food and colors and reminisced about high school. They talked about their families and their values. The date ended without a kiss. Nick called her and Vita told him, “I wish you would have kissed me.” Nick answered, “I wish I would have kissed you too. I wanted to.” Their second date had the kiss and Nick knew then he would never kiss anyone else again.
Nick wanted to propose on the Ferris Wheel at Disneyland, but Vita kept anticipating and asking too many questions. So months passed and Nick took her to the Mission Inn for dinner, but the nerves got to him and he ended up taking her to the park. They walked around the bases. Each base represented each year they had been together. Home plate was the future and there is where Nick proposed. It was there was that Vita said yes to forever.

Nick and Vita


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