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San Gabriel Mission Engagement: Danny loves Yessenia

In this modern age, it is sometimes a click of a mouse that brings two people together, but as high tech as meeting someone can be, falling in love will always be traditional. After seeing each other’s profile on E-Harmony, Danny and Yessenia met for coffee. What was supposed to be a simple meeting turned into hours of conversation filled with laughter. Their first official date would be at Din Tai Fung and Danny already knew he wanted to marry her. The day he bought the ring he had to give it to her. So he came home and insisted Yessenia see him hit some golf balls in the back yard. Yessenia saw him hit three, the fourth time instead of a ball was a box on the tee. She said, “Yes.”

To see more pictures click on the play button below. If one is not there, click HERE to see their Cinematic Love Story.

Danny loves Yessenia

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