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Oak Glen Engagement – Will loves Nancy

Nancy was actually on date with someone else at Knott’s Scary Farm when she met Will. Will was the lucky guy who had been given an extra ticket. Will didn’t know it then, but his luck was to become even more amazing, for he would meet the girl he would fall in love with and want to marry. Even though Will knew Nancy was the one the moment he met her, Nancy’s first impression of him would be that he was annoying, loud and always trying to be the funny guy. She did not see the connection, but became his friend… then his best friend and then the friend that started to fall in love with his kindness and big heart. They balanced each other out. She was the serious one and he was the goof ball. She calmed him down and he made her laugh. Opposites do attract… when they are soul mates.

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Will and Nancy

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