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Oak Glen Engagement Photography: Alonzo loves Heidi

It was at a Little League All Star baseball game where they would meet. Heidi’s little brother played on the same team as a close family friend of Alonzo’s. The boys kept winning and Alonzo kept going to the games! After a week of stares back and forth, trips to the snack bar, and the realization that they both attended the same college, Alonzo requested Heidi on Facebook. Although, Heidi wanted to play hard to get, she couldn’t help but send him a message and at that moment, their Love Story began.
Their first date would be at the movies. They watched Grown Ups, which is now one of their favorite family movies. The movie would be followed by frozen yogurt and a conversation that would last over three hours.
Alonzo knew right away that Heidi was everything for him. She was the one. Although Heidi knew she liked him a lot, she felt they were so young to talk about marriage…little did she know ten months later, a beautiful baby would be in her arms. Little Minka. Of course, Heidi loved Alonzo, not just for the goofy and adventurous match that he was, but also for the way he tickled, played house, read books and sang with his daughter. Heidi knew he would be hers forever.
Alonzo initially planned a large gathering for their proposal, but last minute changed his mind because he couldn’t wait anymore. He strung outdoor lights on our wooden fence spelling “Will you marry me?” Candles and beautiful flowers surrounded the area (Let’s not also forget about the beer cans shoved to the side because he was so nervous)! It was very beautiful and intimate. It couldn’t have been more perfect! Heidi said, “Yes!”

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Alonzo loves Heidi

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