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Oak Glen Engagement Photography: Sean loves Angela

Sean thought Angela was really cute and she had a crush on him, but high school would end without a true romance beginning. It would take six years before they would rekindle their friendship and start dating. They both knew the other was the one. Sean was unlike anyone Angela had ever dated. He looked at her and made her laugh. He was always up for an adventure. Sean knew that she would be the perfect mom one day for.. as he put it…his, “hell raisers.” Neither could picture their life without the other. So while camping in the Palomar mountains. on Thanksgiving Weekend, Sean had a plan of being alone with Angela. Yet for as remote as they were, people found their way to their campsite. Finally, after some distractions and questions on fishing, Sean got down on on knee and asked the question and Angela would happily say, “Yes,” to the man who made her smile and laugh.

Session shot by: Jessie Cadenas, Amanda Dyell with the photography assistance of Jackie Salazar.

To see more picture click HERE if their Cinematic Story does not appear below.

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