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Palm Springs Engagement Session: Paul loves Julia

It was at a wrestling tournament where they met, but instead of Paul wrestling on the mat, he wrestled with his emotions. He had noticed the pretty Stat Girl from the other school before, but had never had the courage to speak with her. When he finally did, she thought he had called her, “Stupid.” What Paul had said was, “Bad Stat Girl.” Regardless of the insult, the conversation between them came naturally… Paul was so nervous to ask Julia for her number, but luckily Julia had her number ready for him. He didn’t know it then, but Julia had his heart pinned down and there would be no escaping her hold. The first of many telephone conversations resulted in hours of talking and a melted ice cream sandwich.

Valentine’s Day came and Paul asked for a friend to take him to Julia’s house, his arms filled with balloons, a rose, chocolate kisses, a stuffed animal puppy and lots of teenage love and anxiety. His friend snapped pictures from her car as a smiling blushing Julia opened her presents. She kissed him. She became the first girl he kissed and she would be the last. While others struggle to find love for years. Paul had no other reason to be with another. “Some people date many people, some date few. I got it right the first time and I am damn proud of it.” Minutes after kissing her, he met her parents.

They would go through the most pivotal years and events together: Driver’s License exams, First cars, Prom, wrestling tournaments, football games, softball games, High School graduation, College graduations, turning 18, 21, 25 and watching their families grow and with each year growing closer and more in love.

Paul really knew she was the one when he called her older brother to tell him he had bought an engagement ring. He suddenly was speechless over the phone and broke down in tears of joy and happiness realizing what that ring meant. Their future… their lives combining. It was a real moment of clarity.

So on Christmas Eve, while Julia posed beside him for some pictures he told her cousin to try a “different filter,” on his phone and instead he put it on video. Julia continued to hold the pose when she began to wonder why he was not posing beside her. She turned to find him down on one knee asking to her to marry him.

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Pauls love Julia

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