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Oak Glen Engagement Photography- Nicolas loves Robin

They were hanging out with their own group of friends at Roscoe’s in downtown Fullerton, when one of Nicolas’ friends pushed him towards Robin. They hit it off, exchanged numbers and then… Nicolas lost his phone. Robin was about to give up on him, when his call came through four days later.

Nicolas made it up to her taking Robin on their first date to Newport Beach where they rode bikes, went kayaking, and grabbed some beers at Sharkeez. There, they found out they had the same favorite beer.. Sam Adams, Boston Lager! They ended with Dinner at Wood Ranch.

Robin really did not want a boyfriend, but she soon found that she could not stay away. Nicolas was so much fun to be around, outdoorsy, and always made her laugh. She knew within the first weeks she had found a game changer.

Nicolas original plans for proposing changed when Robin had begun to figure out his plans, so the engagement came sooner. They and another couple went on a hike in Aliso Woods Canyon. They hiked to the “Rim of the World,” overlooking all of Laguna Beach and the ocean. There with the beautiful view, Robin began snacking on a granola bar while the other couple took pictures. While Nicolas and Robin posed, her face stuffed with a granola bar, Nick dropped down on one knee and completely shocked her. It was the most perfect proposal Robin could have asked for.

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Nicolas love Robin

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