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Mi Familia

Usually when a family contacts me for a family session, there are weeks of planning. A nice location is chosen, the perfect coordinating outfits are worn, time is taken for hair and make up and we have time. That would be any other family. Mine got notified an hour before, the location was down the street and around the corner and our outfits consisted of what we were wearing at the time. Also… time? Um that would be 15 minutes literally. 15 minutes because my brother had to run to the airport.
Thankfully, my best friend, Stephanie Arellanes from Save the Date Photography, is a photographer who was willing to put up with the insanity. (I guess she is used to mine, and figured my family couldn’t be worse.)
Maybe one day, I’ll get the beautiful location, the beautiful light two hours before sunset, the time, the coordinated outfits, the time… the dinner afterwards.. But no matter, I got the memories.
Blessed to do what I love! Blessed to have family.


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