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Torrey Pines Engagement: Jason and Megan

Jason was ready to give up. He was done. He couldn’t find a parking spot. Finally, he got one and walked in late to the party, only to see Megan and her friends walking out of it. They were on their way to get more drinks. Suddenly, he found himself going with them. Texting, talking, hanging out..Chemistry. Jason taught it and it was definitely there. Megan felt it too. She usually ran away when a relationship was serious, but this time she wasn’t running, but instead imagining her life next to his. In the simplest terms, she wasn’t freaking out when Jason talked about weddings and marriage. And of course, Jason had every reason to talk to about it. The girl he loved was beautiful, kind and caring and loved him back.
And so, on what Megan believed to a girl’s night out, Jason waited atop of the cliffs of Torrey Pines for them to return from their stroll. He had a TARDIS at his feet. Unlike Doctor Who, he did not have to explore the universe. Everything he wanted was in front of him. The ring was in hand. Megan said, “Yes,” to the man she loved.

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Jason loves Megan

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