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Oak Glen Engagement- Miguel loves Mariela

The excitement from La Arrolladora Banda Limón Concert filled the air. Miguel was celebrating his birthday. Little did he know that he was about to receive the most amazing present. He was about to meet Mariela, the woman who would immediately capture his heart. Mariela had heard about Miguel from mutual friends who believed they would be perfect for each other. Miguel and Mariela soon realized they complimented each other perfectly. Where he brought calm, she brought excitement. Their morals and values…their love for their families were equal. So what had begun at one birthday celebration would continue at another. Miguel took Mariela to the Queen Mary for dinner. It was her birthday. He insisted they look through the telescope. Miguel searched and searched for what he wanted Mariela to see. She grew impatient. She had no idea what he could be looking for that could be so important. Suddenly, he found it. Mariela looked. There in the distance, brought closer to view in the telescope was the Light House in Long Beach. The words, “Mariela, will you marry me?” were lit on it. Mariela turned from the telescope to find Miguel on one knee holding a ring. She said, “Yes.” =

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Miguel loves Mariela

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