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Silver 25th Wedding Anniversary- Jesus loves Jessie

What does love mean after 25 years? It means knowing that Spiderman and Marvel characters will take over not one room of my home but two… and that I will encourage him to buy more. It means that I will hug a camera before I hug him, but he knows I love him and that every holiday he will ask me if he can buy me a new lens or what photography gadget I need. It means that the last words to me before I leave for a wedding are, “Have fun!,” and the first words I will hear when I come back will be, “How did it go?” It means knowing that he will not call or text me all day because he doesn’t feel well. It means that I will call him a hundred times an hour anyway. It means that we can’t find our wedding rings. (Yup.. we took them off because we both hated wearing rings and safely put them away…somewhere.) It means that he has accepted the fact that I can’t cook, don’t want to cook, have no time to cook, won’t cook and I accepting the fact that he refuses to try new places to eat. It means that he has given up on trying to make me organized…my closet and drawers will always be a mess. It means that I have learned not to move anything in his garage. It means that he will spend his money on Legos and movies, but he will always put a bottle of wine on the shopping list even though he doesn’t drink. Love means that I miss him…. that I wish he felt better… love means that he knows.

25th Wedding Anniversary_1198

So what did we want for our anniversary? Pictures! After a celebration it’s always what is left. Corin Cruz from Something New Make-up and Hair got me pretty.

25th Wedding Anniversary_1199

Divine Blooms and Designs created my anniversary bouquet.
25th Wedding Anniversary_1200

And the very talented Stephanie Arellanes from Save the Date Photography took our anniversary pictures in Oak Glen.

25th Wedding Anniversary_1201 25th Wedding Anniversary_1202 25th Wedding Anniversary_1203 25th Wedding Anniversary_1204 25th Wedding Anniversary_1205 25th Wedding Anniversary_1206 25th Wedding Anniversary_1207 25th Wedding Anniversary_1208 25th Wedding Anniversary_1209 25th Wedding Anniversary_1210

Hair and Make-up- Something New Make up and Hair
Flowers- Divine Blooms and Designs
Photography- Save the Date Photography

To see all the picture click Here

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  • Janet GarnerHappy Anniversary to a beautiful couple! May God continue to bless your marriage. Omg Jessie I LOVE your pictures absolutely beautiful!!!! Love you guys!!ReplyCancel

  • SandraI love these pictures Jesse! You look really beautiful and your husband looks really handsome. Can’t wait for my 25 year anniversary.ReplyCancel

A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.