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Wilson Creek Winery Wedding- Nancy and Jaimie Reyna

When you are marrying the man you love, the “little,” things don’t bother you like… your engagement frame shattering,the groom’s bow tie missing, or the florist thinking your wedding was the next day. (Okay, that last one was not so little.) Regardless, Nancy smiled. She walked through the vineyards and tapped the man she had met as a teenager, who was anxiously waiting to see her. He turned and called her, “Beautiful.”
Just as their vows had finished, Nancy had a surprise for the man who had just promised to love her forever. She took the microphone and sang, “At Last,” to her new husband, pausing half way through the song to say the words, “I love you baby!”

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Venue: Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula, California.
Dress: Designed by the Bride and created by Christian Uriel
Cake: Perfect Indulgence Cakes
Photography- A Story in TimeJessie Cadenas, Stephanie Arellanes with the photography assistance of Silvia Tarazón.

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