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Claremont Engagement- Rick loves Lindsey

I met Rick and Lindsey over two years ago at Kimberlie and Alex’s Wedding. She was a bridesmaid and he was her boyfriend. I took a picture of them together and Rick said, “I have your card.” I actually knew before he had said that, they were going to be together. I had seen how he looked at her like there was no one else to look at. I had seen how she smiled every time she saw him. They became my friends on Facebook and every trip they took together, I waited for that announcement saying that they were engaged. It happened in front of the castle at World Disney. Lindsey wondered why Rick was asking the Disney Photographer to take pictures. Before she knew it, Rick was showing her a ring, and asking her a question. The girl Rick had met in his statistics class in college would of course say, “Yes,” to the man she loved.

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