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Solana Beach Engagement- Clint Loves Holly

His plan was not to meet the love of his life that night. He was there celebrating his friend’s birthday and so when the group of girls entered the bar, he had no reason to believe that he was about to meet her. A pretty girl walked over to him and asked him to dance. By the end of the night, he was asking her out to the dance floor. Holly was in his arms and Clint had no intention of letting her go.
His plan had been to return to San Diego. His work time in Reno was about to end but now Holly had entered his life. Three months into their relationship he had to ask her if the plan was to move forward. Holly had never been happier. To her it didn’t matter where Clint was, as long as he was hers.
Fast forward to a beach in Hawaii where Clint asked Holly to be his forever and she said, “Yes.”
Fast forward to this engagement session… after it was done and on the way home my assistant said, “It is so obvious they are in love. He only looks at her. He only has eyes for her.”

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