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San Clemente Engagement- Jonathan loves Emily

Emily was a tomboy in high school. Soccer was her love. Jonathan was just that goofy guy who was just fun to hang out with. It wasn’t until her Senior year that she realized that Jonathan was so much more. She had been invited to Thanksgiving at his parents’ home. Cuddling on the couch and holding his hand led to their first kiss in front of her truck. Jonathan knew then he had kissed the woman he would marry. Emily over the years would realize that he made her feel loved, wanted and safe.
Fast forward… Jonathan picked Emily up in a red Corvette and had them flown to Catalina. There on the beach he proposed. Emily was completely surprised. Her first reaction was to ask various times, “Are you serious?” The moment she realized it was real, she kissed and hugged him and happily agreed to be his wife.
Diamonds are found in dark caves, pearls are found on the beach.

To see more pictures, click HERE to see their Cinematic Love Story if it does not appear below.

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