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Save the Date Photography- Monica and Miguel

They met at a wedding. I guess you can say that’s a perfect way for a romance to start. But, MIguel and Monica aren’t your typical couple. Both admit it was definitely not love at first sight! In fact, they were just friends. Really good friends. Monica laughs and says she would tell her mom that there was no attraction for Miguel. But after all the late night talks, eventually Monica admits she developed feelings for Miguel! She decided to come clean and worked up her courage to tell Miguel the truth. When she finally told Miguel, she was excited to hear that his feelings were mutual and decided to take it slow from there.

Miguel proposed to Monica on a trip to San Francisco on the Golden Gate bridge. Monica had some suspiscions, but was completely surprised when he proposed to her with a Ring Pop! Miguel figured if she said yes to a Ring Pop, then she definitely deserved the real thing, so he pulled the real one from his pocket! And she said, Yes!

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San Clemente Wedding Photographers_0651 These images were taken by Stephanie Arellanes from Save the Date Photography, associate photographer for A Story in Time.

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