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Griffith Observatory Engagement- Austin and Bernice

Bernice knew who Austin was before he had even heard about her. When he finally did, he did not like what he heard. He was told she was ugly and other, “stories.” Bernice on the other hand, had only heard great stuff about him and so was very happy when she was transferred to work from one In N Out to another. He was her manager and so boundaries were kept.
They started hanging out with mutual friends but eventually the attraction was obvious. Their first date was at the Banana Bay Restaurant and soon they found themselves at the movies sharing a kiss. Bernice had butterflies. She had found the sweetest, most caring person she had ever met. Austin loved her sense of humor, her innocence and how caring and nurturing she was. They both loved God. They knew that without Him, they would not be together.
On a trip to Griffith Observatory, overlooking a beautiful view, Austin asked Bernice to be his forever. Since then, not a day has gone by that he has not told her how excited he is that he is going to marry her and be her husband.

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