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Oak Glen Engagement- Guillermo and Roxane

Love always manages to see the truth. You can try to lie, hide, scheme to keep it away, but if it is true, it will show itself shining light on everything that is good and that is meant to be. It will fight the negative forces and leave them in darkness.
Drama and lies…it was high school after all. Roxane was a Junior and Guillermo had already graduated when mutual friends introduced them. They were both attracted to each other, but Roxane’s best friend told her Guillermo did not like her. She told him that he was not her type. In the end, it didn’t matter what they had been told or what they had heard, because they always seemed like they were meant to be together…from that very first conversation.
Roxanne loved that he was a family man. She loved that he was so involved with them. He was perfect. Besides opening the door for her and doing things to make her smile, Guillermo put everyone first before himself.
Guillermo had found the one who understood him. She was the one who made his day better, when all else was terribly wrong. With her, he could be who he was and be loved… and of course…it did not hurt that she was also hot!
Guillermo had a secret park with a view where he would go to think and to get away.  Soon it became their place. It would also be the place where he would ask Roxane to be his forever. She of course said, “Yes!” Love had won.

To see more pictures click here to see their Cinematic Story if it does not appear below.

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