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Claremont Engagement- Milano and Kristen

The first time they met was in Chemistry class… but there was no chemistry between them. They were only two cool kids who asked about each other’s softball games. It wasn’t until years later when they hung out with a mutual friend that the sparks actually started. But what do you do when the person you enjoy spending time with, the one you think about constantly, the one you miss minutes after you leave is going away… faraway. Do you end it or do you value every phone call, every message, every text, every visit? Do you grow closer and learn more about that person because you end up sharing every emotion, every thought with every word you type?
Kristen had gotten a soft ball scholarship and was moving across the country. They would be apart only three months into dating. The decision was made to enter into a long distance relationship. Somehow, they knew it would work. They knew they belonged together so much so that the day Kristen went to buy a card celebrating their one year anniversary, she also bought a card celebrating their one year wedding anniversary. She knew he would be her husband and Milano had already decided to love her forever.
Since finding love had been so easy for them, the proposal had to be something that Kristen searched for… a scavenger hunt. Once all the items had been found and the clues were shown, the words, “Will you marry me?,” were before her. Kristen said, “Yes,” to what she already knew.

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