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Glendora Country Club Wedding- Mark and Sandra

The wedding day began with a love letter from Mark, “I love you so much. I can’t wait to grow old with you…” Forever. What Mark had already promised in his heart, he would vow before God, Family and Friends today. Sandra smiled the moment she turned the hall corner of the church and saw him. Mark never took his eyes of her. They smiled and laughed throughout the ceremony. A moment of realization must of hit Mark right after Communion. He took Sandra’s hand and kissed it and wiped a tear…a simple gesture caught by camera…a treasured moment of love forever.
Then came the rain. It rained on their wedding day. Good luck or a sign from heaven that those that could not be there…were…blessing them.
Then the craziness that truly shows them started: Fun with the bridal party, Mariachi, Cigars, Shots and the most entertaining garter belt toss that only those that Serve and Protect could come up with.

Venue: Glendora Country Club
Make up: Wendy Ureña
Florist: Estrelicia Flowers
Videography: At a Glance Productions
Cake and Cake Pops: Jamie Cakes
Photo Booth: Deadcat Productions
Photography: A Story in Time Photography: Jessie Cadenas, William Rheaume with the photography assistance of Slivia Tarazón.

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