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Galleano Winery Wedding- Dennise and Robert

Usually, my blog post about a wedding centers about the couple’s love… a beautiful bride, a smiling groom, pretty flower girls, emotions during the ceremony, the party! Yeah there was all of that, but then there was also the groom being thrown into the pool BEFORE the wedding!!!! There I was shooting the bride’s formals when the text came in from Bill, my second photographer. “They threw him into the pool!” The picture from the back of the camera was attached. I looked at Dennise and dumbly said out loud, “They threw Robert in the pool!” She looked shocked and asked, “They what?” Great, I.. Me… Myself.. all by Myself freaked out the bride on her wedding day! I’m the one that keeps them calm! Grr… So, I did what I knew best… I lied! “Just kidding! See I made you laugh!” Dennise looked relieved and said, “Well it sounds like something they would do… there is a pool there.” I laughed more..”Yeah… they will probably throw my second photographer in the pool.” And then came the investigating… I cornered her uncle in the driveway, who had just come from the groom’s house and demanded he tell me what happened. (I’m only 5 feet tall but I can be scary and my camera is pretty big.) “Yeah…They threw him in the pool.. but it wasn’t his suit. It was his uncle’s. It was his uncle’s idea.” I calmly smiled, and put my 70-200 lens down.. sighed a huge sigh of relief and went on to capture Dennise and Robert’s wedding story.

And here are the infamous pictures of the groom being thrown into the pool. 

Hair- April Heredia-
Make-up- Make up by Josie
Flowers- Sandie- Redlands Tennessee Florist
Table Arrangements-
Photo Booth -Denise Silvia from Zbooths
Candy Table- Sandy Johnson
Cake- Michelle’s
The DJ that made the party!- Jose Razo of Razo Entertainment
This Wedding Story was captured by: A Story in Time PhotographyJessie Cadenas, William Rheaume with the photography assistance of Silvia Tarazon.

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