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University of Redlands Engagement Photography- Keith and Olivia

Love sometimes whispers…yearning to be heard and to be understood.
Olivia and Keith had been working at the same Target for a while, but had never seen each other. She first noticed him. He on the other hand was oblivious, caught up in the drama of of life to notice the pretty girl who kept talking to him.
Love sometimes mumbles…only because what is being said has to repeated.
Like the time, Keith first said, “I love you,” to Olivia and her response was, “What?”
Love sometimes requests an audience…
As when Keith went to talk to Olivia’s dad asking permission to ask for her hand and he kind of changed the subject. Hie parents did the same.
Love is a secret held by two that must be told.
(So family, here on this blog you are about to know the truth.)
It was Christmas… and Keith had bought the ring. There, alone in their room, he gave her a box, dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. She said, “Yes!” They were engaged. They kept it a secret. Their families would believe that it would happen almost two months later on Valentine’s Day…only Keith’s grandmother would recognize the ring.
Love might whisper and mumble, but in the end those that it truly belongs to…hear it clearly.

Too see more pictures click here on their cinematic story if it does not appear below.

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