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Pasadena City Hall Engagement- Eric and Lorena

Sometimes you don’t notice what everyone else does… what everyone else is sure of.. what everyone else believes. Lorena and Eric worked at the same office. Their cubicles were far away from each other. They really didn’t know each other…or for that matter want to know each other. Their co-workers, on the hand, saw two puzzle pieces that would fit together to form something amazing. They began saying things like…”He’s smart.” “She’s pretty.” “Good Family..” “Good heart.” Curious glances were exchanged, a few conversations by the big file cabinet, but nothing else. So those playing cupid pulled out the big arrows… for all is fair in love. They told them they were all going to the Shark’s Night Club. Their mutual friend Rudy met them there and said he would be right back. He never returned. Eric and Lorena were on their first blind date and they didn’t even know it. As the night went on.. it made sense. What everyone else had known, they found out that night.

Too see more pictures, click here to see their Cinematic Story if it does not appear below.

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