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Claremont Colleges Engagement Session- Jamie loves Jamie

His name is Jamie and her name is Jamie. I asked them, “Who is Jamie number 1?” He answered, “I was born first.” She countered with, “Yes, but it says, ‘Jamie,’ on my birth certificate.” So much for figuring out who is who. But I love how Jamie Squared came to be.
Jamie had no intention of meeting Jamie that night…or ever. The idea of meeting a guy with her same name was not cute, as it was to everyone who loved the idea. That night especially… She had been studying, was in sweats and just wanted to stay home. Her friend Kara insisted on going bowling and pretty much guilted Jamie into going. When Kara passed the bowling alley and went instead to her boyfriend’s Brent’s house, Jamie knew something was up. Moments later, a boy named Jamie knocked on the door. There he was. Yes.. he was cute, but his name was Jamie! How dorky was that? Nope.. wasn’t going to happen. She was grumpy, tired and irritated.. and yet Jamie saw something in her.
They became friends on My Space, (Yup… MySpace!) talked on the phone everyday and eventually they went to a birthday party together. That night, they became inseparable. It was August 11th. And now on August 11th, 2013, seven years later they will be the Jamies forever!

To see more pictures from this session, click here to see their cinematic story if it does not appear below.

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