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Claremont Colleges Engagement- Josh and Jessica

Sometimes Love is there and you just never realize it. It gives you clues, drops subtle hints, sticks around until suddenly out of no where you realize that you are in love. Jessica and Josh worked together…teachers at Damien High School. They saw each other, but were just casual acquaintances. Yes, perhaps Jessica had noticed Josh’s good looks and Josh had smiled as his pretty co-worker made “smart alec,” comments and talked about the loving relationship she had with her family… but that was it. Love called on Destiny to hurry up the process. Josh’s ride left early from a faculty dinner and Jessica gave Josh a ride home. Love knew it had a chance if they were alone. That night Josh texted Jessica saying, “I hope I’m not being too forward, but we should hang out some time.” So plans were made to go a Halloween Party …except it wasn’t until the middle of the night that Josh realized that he was actually on a date. (Seriously Josh, you send a girl that text, you make plans and you don’t realize you are on a date? Love shakes her head.) So it wasn’t until the second date, um first date second time.. (did I mention that Josh teaches math?) that Josh kissed Jessica.
Fast forward to a day at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.. the end of an amazing date..the very end…so much the end that Jessica has just texted her friend saying, “I don’t think it’s going to happen today after all,” but it did. Josh had planned to surprise her and he did. Josh proposed and Jessica said, “Yes,” to forever.

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