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Claremont Colleges Engagement and Family Session- Barbara and Steven

Steven couldn’t get the pretty girl to talk. Uncomfortable long pauses were happening on the blind date. “Now I can’t get her to shut up!,” he laughs. “I actually thought the date was great. He was a nice guy. I called him the next day!” Barbara was different on the phone…Steven could now see why their mutual friends had set them up. Barbara drove miles to see him. Steven worked two jobs making time to see her. Love was a sacrifice.. and the reward was to be in each other’s arms.
Love sometimes throws a tantrum, but Destiny always gets what it wants. Even though they were always meant to be together, Barbara and Steven at different times were not ready to get married. Barbara’s five year dating plan that she had put Steven under ended with Steven leaving… and doing some thinking. He missed her. He wanted to marry her. So he showed up with a ring and roses and to his surprise Barbara turned him down. (Please insert sad music hear for a dramatic effect.) Yup… now Barbara was the one that was not ready. But as said before, love and destiny have an amazing way of working things out. God blessed them with a little boy on the night of their goodbye. So once again, the phone calls started. They were friends.. parents…two people who cared and loved each other… Love had thrown a tantrum and destiny had gotten what was always meant to be.

Make up for this engagement session was done by Sara Zeta Glover from Glam My Face!

The amazing thing about love is that does not just bring two people together…it brings people that they love all together… Love is family- Heather, Khalalah and Josh.

All with amazing talents…

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