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Music Loves Math! – La Quinta Engagement

Mathematics and music, the most sharply contrasted fields of scientific activity which can be found,
and yet related, supporting each other, as if to show forth the secret connection which ties together
all the activities of our mind.
–19th century German physician and physicist Hermann von Helmholtz

Laura was a math major and Darren was music. They met at the dorms of Long Beach State in their sophomore year. She thought he was cute. He thought she was beautiful. He noticed her impressive square face and she admired his plentiful tuft of wrist hair. (I had to ask.) Yet, they were not about to admit that they liked each other. It was after weeks of purposefully sitting next to each other in the dining hall, during movies and playing many nights of Texas Hold ‘Em with their friends that their relationship progressed to… late-night instant messaging! It was in one of these sessions that they convinced each other that they did not like each other. Luckily for me, this was a misunderstanding and on February 10th 2005 the truth came out. Music loved Math. Darren still has that 3AM IM session saved.

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