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Trash the Dress!

I have happily been married for 19 years. My wedding dress was chosen with care and time. I treasured every detail it had: Lace, sequins, ruffles and a long train. After the wedding, I had it professionally cleaned and boxed. Now it lays inside that box, on a shelf in my garage. A modern alternative now is to trash the dress.
Trash the dress refers to photography of a beautiful wedding dress with an environment in which it is completely out of place. It is generally shot in the style of glossy beauty and glamour photography.
After the stress of the wedding day, and the relaxing honeymoon the bride or couple can once again take pictures showing off the beauty of the dress in dramatic pictures.
Usually brides decide to have pictures taken on the beach, but possibilities are endless. City streets, fields, waterfalls, and old buildings are all possible trash the dress locations.
Marlene took some incredible photographs at Corona Del Mar Beach.

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