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Inland Empire Wedding Photography- Jessica and Bryan

Everything is backwards in Bizarro World. Keeping that in mind there was supposed to be no beautiful bride at this wedding, no groom that couldn’t stop smiling when he looked at her, and no love. But no matter what comic was on the groom’s shirt there was no way to deny that everything was perfect […]

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University of Redlands Wedding-The Alumni House

He took out his cell phone as she walked the aisle towards him. “I had the best view. No one else could see what I was seeing.” What he was seeing was love.. happiness… she was about to be his forever.  They literally smiled through their entire wedding… except maybe for the minute that she […]

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Kimberly Crest Wedding-Andrew and Melissa

It was 105 DEGREES and then it RAINED and THUNDERED. Other brides would have cried, but Melissa smiled. Today, no matter what she had to weather through .. she was marrying Andrew. Her smile was contagious. The heat soared, but all that were there, just felt the warmth of their love. The raindrops fell like […]

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