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    I believe the camera is the most incredible invention ever invented. It captures actual moments and emotions connecting those in the picture forever to the photographer, which is why I love it when the clients become my friends.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and reading these true stories told in words and in pictures. Scroll down or go through the categories to see weddings, engagements or family sessions.
    "A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we Love....Forever in a A Story in Time."

    Weddings, Wedding VenuesA Story in Time Photography, Best Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner

Venue: Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach
Make up Artist:
Photography: A Story in Time- Jessie Cadenas, Tyler Wadsworth with the photography coordination of Stephanie Arellanes.

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The girl Tony had met in 6th grade and had dated in secret as a teenager was suddenly a widow. His own marriage had also ended. He sincerely paid his condolences. Memories of sixth grade science camp, sneaking kisses in the swimming pool flooded them both. So he left Texas and found himself in California. In four short months he and Patty would be married because Tony had always said that she had always been the love of his life. His new love and life came complete with a kids- Shantal, Jr. and Patsy. Together, they form a family…one with lots of love.

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The first thing Victoria noticed about Jessie was his broad shoulders and nice arms. She knew that he would be a phenomenal hugger. An entire year would go by, before she would get to feel that hug. It was at the Queen Mary for Halloween. Victoria and Jessie ran through the mazes. Whether they were scary or not, Victoria made sure she was held tight. Phone calls and Myspace conversations finally led to a New Years Party. They talked, they danced and Victoria knew that something was about to happen. She stood next to him and waited as the countdown began. “This is it. Something’s gonna happen. 3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!”….and nothing. That’s right NOTHING! Suddenly, one of their friends came up to them and asked Jessie, “Did you do it?” Jessie turned to Victoria and mumbled, “Oh, yeah,” and kissed her…on the cheek. Yup…sigh.. on the cheek. Not wanting to wait another year, Victoria just looked at him and said “Really?” and grabbed him and kissed him. Jessie then asked Victoria to be his girlfriend on January 1st, 2009.
Jessie might have had to have been kissed, but he knew he wanted Victoria to be his for the rest of his life. So he planned his proposal. Unfortunately, Victoria figured out what was going to happen when she saw Jessie hug her mom on the way out to a special party. She even practiced in the bathroom of the restaurant how she would react to seeing the ring and hearing the words. Dinner ended and no question. It was on the Gondola ride where Jessie proposed and she was not expecting it. Suddenly, emotion took over and all the practiced facial expressions were forgotten. Tears of happiness overcame them both. The arms she admired the first time she saw him, would hug her forever.

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“I love her and that is the beginning and the end of everything.” The Great Gatsby

During bedtime prayers, Whitney’s parents would pray with her, telling her that God would send her the perfect partner, her husband. Coincidences are believed to be God’s small miracles. Meeting Jeff was one of those moments. Whitney kept running into people who knew him, who believed that they would make the perfect couple. The day she finally met him, she asked God to send her a sign to show that he was the one. Her prayers were answered… as was his. Their usual shyness was gone and a confidence in the love they held replaced it.
Another coincidence or small miracle would happen at her 1920’s themed wedding. Her aunt walked through the door and gave her a message from her grandmother in heaven. It was a handwritten note and gift… a 1920’s flapper. Whitney knew her grandmother was her.

Whitney walked down the aisle to Jeff who never took his eyes off of her. Their heart felt vows touched everyone.

If you believe that seriousness was the sub theme of this wedding, you are mistaken. Jeff and his guys walked into, “The Mob Goes Wild,” their parents had a kissing contest before the toast, and Whitney not only smashed cake in his face, but rubbed it in his beard. Party they did because, “A little party, never killed anyone.”

Venue: The Summit House in Fullerton California
Photography: A Story in Time Photography– Jessie Cadenas and Tyler Wadsworth with the photography assistance of Stephanie Arellanes

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Love always finds a way of bringing the perfect couple together. John and Andrea were miles away from home in Afganistan when they found each other. Thank you for serving our country.

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Priscilla kept saying, “I just want to see him.” Meanwhile, across town, Kristian anxiously waited for his bride. They had decided that their First Look would be different. He would cover his eyes and uncover them as she walked towards him. Priscilla seemed to run into his outstretched arms. From that moment on, Priscilla was happy and nothing else could bother her… not even when her vows had been misplaced. She just calmly joked and smiled as her Maid of Honor retrieved them and after Kristian read his to her, she said, “I have to hug him.” Kristian and Priscilla hugging is a memory that will always be engraved in my mind…like so many other beautiful moments: Priscilla giving handmade handkerchiefs to her family, her grandmothers being flower girls, train track bridal party tossing of children, a wild dance floor and an amazing sparker exit. Blessed to do what I love!

Special thanks to J.Garcia Images for capturing this shot.

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The beautiful Mitten Building of Redlands.
Hair and Makeup: Priscilla Contreras
Florist: Corona Florist
DJ: DJ Bonez
Cake: Kecks Kakes
Videography: Xavier Moreno- Vier Video
Photography: A Story in Time Photography– Jessie Cadenas, Tyler Wadsworth with the Photography Assistance of Silvia Tarazon.

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Even though the phrase, “Till Death do us part,” exists, I believe love is eternal. Thirteen years ago, Sylvia married the man who asked her out by giving her a bouquet of flowers he picked from his garden. Sammy calls Sylvia, “Bella.” It means beautiful. She calls him, “My Sammy.” He leaves loves her notes on the refrigerator or around the house for her to find.
Years ago, Sammy lost a baby girl. He told Sylvia that he had thought that when he had lost his daughter, that he didn’t know how he would ever get through that. One day, as he sat and watched Sylvia’s daughters with their husbands and the grandkids all playing together, he said, “Look Bella at the beautiful family that you gave to me.”
A few years back, Sylvia was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and he has continuously taken care of her…washing her hair, helping her shower and especially being there for her when she has a physically painful day.
The caretaker roles have now been reversed with his Cancer diagnosis. Sammy is getting weaker, his body is starting to fail him more and more, but the love they have for each other has not diminished and only gotten stronger. As they open their eyes each morning, they appreciate the time God is giving them.

This session was Sammy’s wish. He wanted pictures with Bella and her family…his family.

This session was Sammy’s wish. He wanted pictures with Bella and her family…his family.

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    These memories will forever be treasured just as much as our wedding pictures are. Thank you is not nearly enough to say for this beautiful gift you gave to my family. My Step Father loves these. Thank you to my 2 angels carrying cameras Jessie and Stephanie. You both did an amazing job!ReplyCancel

This is one of those love stories where he was looking at her, but she was looking at his roommate and the roommate was looking at her too, but neither of them knew it.

Monique had met Manny’s roommates and with her friends, she hung out with them. One of them had a crush on her, but she wasn’t interested. One day, on her 19th birthday, on an outing for ice cream, those roommates introduced her to Manny. Manny’s first words to Monique would be a mumbled, “Happy Birthday.” Manny even bought Monique an ice-cream, in the attempt of helping his crushing roommate but the roommate admitted that Manny had bought the ice-cream. Manny had told his roommate, “Even if a girl says, ‘No,’, still get her something, especially if it’s her birthday and you’re trying to date her!” Manny just stood behind his friends the rest of the time and didn’t say a word. “Bye,” at the end was the most Monique would hear from him…

From time to time, Monique would see Manny come and go. He would literally just come and 5 minutes later leave. Manny was usually off to see his girlfriend or his parents. Meanwhile Manny’s roommate continued his countless and unsuccessful tries to sweep Monique of her feet. Monique started to look forward to seeing Manny and hearing his clever jokes. His, “yo what ups,” had turned into “Mooooooooe! Hey!,” as he petted her on the head.

They were still friends. Monique even met Manny’s girlfriend. It turned out Manny had a lot in common with Monique. It would be a silly game where Manny and Monique would keep getting the same answers and saying them at the same time. This would lead to their first real conversation, some dates and eventually a kiss.
Nothing was official and they ended up moving away from each other because of school, but every time they saw each other, Monique realized that he was the only person she could talk to about anything, act like herself, and feel confident. He was the guy that made her laugh, get her corny jokes, and could tolerate her often dramatic/emotional self!

After 2 years of knowing each other and unofficial dating, Manny unexpectedly left a present at her door. It was a box filled with things about the corny jokes. Everything after that made Monique love Manny more.

He would take her around LA to see new things, experience new places… they loved each other so much that they made a baby unexpectedly 6 months later. As always, the best part of any love story is the unexpected. Monique still jokes that he should have never bought her that ice cream and Manny knows, it’s the best thing he ever did.

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Fourteen years ago, it was a rushed ceremony in a court house. Adrian had always wanted to give his beautiful bride the wedding she deserved. So he saved up, bought a ring and nervously proposed again. (Like there was ever a chance Laura would say, “no.”)

The love that Adrian and Laura have for each other is amazing. Many of their family and guests commented that they were the perfect couple… the example.

The Venue: Ponte Winery
Hair and Make up: Corin from Something New Hair and Make- up.
The Officiant: Rev Ron
Florist: Szylvia’s Floral Designs
Cake: Kat Cakes
DJ: Xpressions Entertainment

This Wedding Story was captured by: A Story in Time PhotographyJessie Cadenas, Tyler Wadsworth with the photography assistance of Stephanie Arellanes.

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