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    I believe the camera is the most incredible invention ever invented. It captures actual moments and emotions connecting those in the picture forever to the photographer, which is why I love it when the clients become my friends.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and reading these true stories told in words and in pictures. Scroll down or go through the categories to see weddings, engagements or family sessions.
    "A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we Love....Forever in a A Story in Time."

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I really do love it when a couple stays in my life after their wedding and I continue to see their Love Story grow.  Lorena and Eric are expecting twins!!!

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Nancy was actually on date with someone else at Knott’s Scary Farm when she met Will. Will was the lucky guy who had been given an extra ticket. Will didn’t know it then, but his luck was to become even more amazing, for he would meet the girl he would fall in love with and want to marry. Even though Will knew Nancy was the one the moment he met her, Nancy’s first impression of him would be that he was annoying, loud and always trying to be the funny guy. She did not see the connection, but became his friend… then his best friend and then the friend that started to fall in love with his kindness and big heart. They balanced each other out. She was the serious one and he was the goof ball. She calmed him down and he made her laugh. Opposites do attract… when they are soul mates.

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Will and Nancy

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It seems like yesterday I was shooting their engagement session and telling how they had met. Then came their wedding… and now a baby boy. This was the fastest portrait baby/ family session ever shot.  I wish I’ve more time to hold him, cuddle him and play with him but another couple  whose love story was just starting was waiting for me to capture it.


Philip walked into the restaurant where Jessica was celebrating her birthday. She didn’t know it then, but the nice guy who drove her home, who she thought was too young for her would be the most amazing present she would ever receive. It would take a year, but at another party, after a few drinks, they started talking. Philip would take her dancing at The Echo in L.A. for their first date. Jessica knew she had found the right guy with who she wanted to spend the rest of her life. She always felt comfortable with him. Hanging out was so easy and fun. Their love was so natural. They became parents and Phillip became an amazing father to their daughter. Phillip also knew there was no other for him. So as the song, Sextape played, in the middle of the mosh pit at a Deftones Concert…He got down on one knee and opened the box. Jessica said yes, to forever.

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Phillip loves Jessica

It was at a Barbecue where they met. Lisa made the first move by talking to him, but it was Byron who asked for her number and so it began. They both liked that neither played games. No one pretended to be someone that they weren’t. There was no pretending. But on the day of the proposal, there was some pretending. Lisa pretended not to notice that something was up… Byron had made dinner plans. He never made plans. He had dressed nice on his day off. He would have been in jeans and a t-shirt, but there he was nicely dressed. Byron had already made sure there were roses on the table at the restaurant. After dinner he pulled out the ring and said, “This is what we are having for desert.” It was the sweetest desert Lisa could ever order.

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Byron loves Lisa

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It was a Western Theme Wedding Story. There were trains, railroad signs and spikes and hay. The girls wore brown cowboy boots and turquoise dresses. The guys wore jeans and black boots, but it was the flower girl with her pink cowboy hat and boots that took the attention. Two dads walked the bride down, a red rose was given to the bachelor for the last time, original heart felt vows with a comedic twist and a go pro on a whiskey bottle. Andrew and Amanda got married.


Martin Wedding

Venue: McCoy Equestrian Center
Hair and Make up: Fuse Hair and Beauty
Photography: A Story in Time– Jessie Cadenas and Tyler Wadsworth with the photography assistance of Stephanie Arellanes and Jacqueline Salazar.

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It was at a Little League All Star baseball game where they would meet. Heidi’s little brother played on the same team as a close family friend of Alonzo’s. The boys kept winning and Alonzo kept going to the games! After a week of stares back and forth, trips to the snack bar, and the realization that they both attended the same college, Alonzo requested Heidi on Facebook. Although, Heidi wanted to play hard to get, she couldn’t help but send him a message and at that moment, their Love Story began.
Their first date would be at the movies. They watched Grown Ups, which is now one of their favorite family movies. The movie would be followed by frozen yogurt and a conversation that would last over three hours.
Alonzo knew right away that Heidi was everything for him. She was the one. Although Heidi knew she liked him a lot, she felt they were so young to talk about marriage…little did she know ten months later, a beautiful baby would be in her arms. Little Minka. Of course, Heidi loved Alonzo, not just for the goofy and adventurous match that he was, but also for the way he tickled, played house, read books and sang with his daughter. Heidi knew he would be hers forever.
Alonzo initially planned a large gathering for their proposal, but last minute changed his mind because he couldn’t wait anymore. He strung outdoor lights on our wooden fence spelling “Will you marry me?” Candles and beautiful flowers surrounded the area (Let’s not also forget about the beer cans shoved to the side because he was so nervous)! It was very beautiful and intimate. It couldn’t have been more perfect! Heidi said, “Yes!”

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Alonzo loves Heidi

There were cherry blossoms on the trees and the smell of the nearby ocean. Kenya waved from the staircase while Shannon emotionally looked up to see his bride. Someone forgot the rings and they continued to laugh. The bridal party did the most amazing exit. There were many toasts filled with love and admiration and lots and lots and lots of partying! Shannon and Kenya got married.

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Venue: Verandas Beach House Coordination by Angie.
Make-up – Kym Nicole Beauty
DJ –
Event Design –
Divine Divas Unlimited
Hair – Florence -Flo
Bridal Gown – Panache Bridal

Wedding Photography: A Story in Time– Jessie Cadenas & Tyler Wadsworth with the photography assistance from Stephanie Arellanes and Jesse Castorena.

Jennifer toasted from the balcony with her bridesmaids, while across town Kevin played with his dog and messed around with his groomsmen. Jennifer’s dad proudly walked his daughter down the aisle of the Catholic Church as he had envisioned for years, holding back tears. Kevin never took his eyes off Jennifer as she walked to him and smiled at her throughout the ceremony. A kiss in the church. A kiss down the aisle and then it was a race against light and traffic to take wedding pictures in a winery and to celebrate. There was an amazing and epic first dance that included every song you could think of, an emotional toast by the father of the bride, sparklers at the end of the night and a bride and groom who loved each other and showed love for everyone around them. Blessed to do what we love! Kevin  and Jennifer  got married!

Make up: Beauty by Vanessa Haro
Hair: Patty Perez

Ceremony Venue: St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church

Celebration Venue: Wilson Creek Winery

Florist: Liliann’s Designs

Cake: Bo Cakes

DJ: Celso Magaspac

Photography: A Story in Time Photography– Jessie Cadenas and Tyler Wadsworth, with the photography assistance of Stephanie Arellanes, Amanda Dyell and Jacqueline Salazar.

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    This wedding turned out amazing! Thank you Jennifer for allowing me to tag along. You made a stunning bride! Congrats again you guys! -AmandaReplyCancel

I remember meeting Jazmin…hearing about her boyfriend.. attending her wedding. Now they are expecting their first baby. My friend is going to be a mommy! Love their daughter so much already. Blessed to do what I love!

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