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    I believe the camera is the most incredible invention ever invented. It captures actual moments and emotions connecting those in the picture forever to the photographer, which is why I love it when the clients become my friends.
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    "A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we Love....Forever in a A Story in Time."

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Nic stands at 6 feet 7 inches and is all muscle. Yet, you can’t help and notice his piercing blue eyes and his rugged good looks. He gives you that look of power and a second later a gentle smile. His casting ranges from business man to thug…

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The bride got ready at Ayres Hotel in Diamond Bar.
Florist: Floral Design by Sara
Hair and Make up by Jessica Hodges- Skin Deep
Ceremony- St. Dennis Catholic Church in Diamond Bar
Reception Venue: Glendora Country Club
Venue Set up including Love Table and Uplighting: Ultimate Music Entertainment
DJ: Ultimate Music Entertainment
Videographer: Devine Media Co.
Mariachi- Mariachi Teocuitatlan
Cake: Some Crust Bakery

This Wedding Story was captured by: A Story in Time Photography– Jessie Cadenas and Tyler Wadsworth.

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Lorenzo and Jamne

Sometimes love has a plan and destiny helps it. Orlando and Evelyn met through a mutual friend. Orlando asked her if she went to the same church his mom attended. Evelyn did and had seen his mother there. The following Sunday, Orlando was at church with his mom. He asked her to a Dodger game. Three months later, at that same church, he would ask her to be his girlfriend. Before they had met, Orlando’s mom had been trying to get them to meet… perhaps she had even made a silent prayer in that church. Now her prayer had been answered. Her son had met the woman he would fall in love with and ask to marry.
It was Christmas Eve and Evelyn had asked for Ray Ban Sunglasses. Orlando had put the ring box in the sunglass holder. Knowing that Evelyn was shy, it was a private moment.. no crowds only them… and love and destiny. Evelyn said, “Yes!” to forever.

Special thanks to Lorimar Winery for allowing us to capture these memories on their beautiful property.

This Love Story was captured by: A Story in Time Photography- Jessie Cadenas and Amanda Dyell with the photography assistance of Jesse Ulloa.

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Orlando loves Evelyn

David and Rubi met through social media on June 18, 2007. It was Rubi’s cousin Yoli who mentioned that a friend of hers from school had found Rubi attractive after visiting her page. One Saturday morning, Rubi got a friend request from a guy named David, who took her breath away with his profound stare. David started the conversation with ” Hello Beautiful.” Rubi read the message and instantly had a smirk on her face. They conversed every night and day after that message. Days went by, and they finally agreed to meet. Their first date was to see Rush Hour 3 and they watched it accompanied by Rubi’s tag along sister Esmeralda. Regardless, they enjoyed each other’s company and laughed the entire time. Rubi knew he was the one. His smile captured her eyes instantly. The deep look of his eyes melted her away. David officially asked her to be his girlfriend at the end of the night, where they sealed it with their first kiss.

On Christmas Day of 2016, David insisted that they open their oldest son’s gift to them together. Rubi started to open the present. It was a beautiful picture of their son’s first day of second grade. David seemed concerned, but yet confused. He said, “That’s it?” Rubi answered, “What did you expect?” David asked her to look again but there was nothing. David had a look in his face that seemed scared. He glanced over at their youngest son and said, “Look!” In his little hand, he held a gorgeous ring that sparkled from a distance. Rubi’s eyes watered up, and David got on his knee and asked the question that Rubi had been waiting for since the day she met him. “Rubi, will you marry me?”. Rubi started to cry, but with tears of joy, she answered, “yes,” at the top of her lungs.

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David loves Rubi

My mom loves flowers, plants, and me.  I took her and her friends to Oak Glen to pick wild flowers with her friends. It’s in Oak Glen where I take lots of my engagement sessions and I have been blessed to shoot some of the most beautiful weddings. I wanted my mom to see my office.

“My love, I am blessed to have met someone as amazing as you. Since the day, I laid eyes on you, I knew…,” were the words that Mariela read and stopped and the tears began once again. Miguel was an answer to a silent prayer she had made, and it had been answered. She was marrying the man she had asked God to send her… one with a genuine heart, generosity and humility.

Meanwhile in a Bachelor Loft filled with guys and live music, Miguel took a break from the fun,  to read the letter Mariela had written him. He took a deep breath and read,  “There is no one else I would rather see waiting for me at the end of the aisle.”  The note on the watch Mariela had given him said, “See you at the altar at 2:00 p.m.”  For him, that time could not come faster. He was ready to marry the girl that God had sent him on his birthday.

Miguel and Mariela are the perfect match…hardworking, intelligent, yet humble. Their love for their families is equal. They were walked down the aisle by both of their parents and received their blessing. Mariachi played during the solemness of the Mass. They rode away in a Classic Bently and the fun began with the bridal party. Their reception had a jazz band, a Banda and a DJ. Mariela changed into a second dress and Miguel was thrown up into the air. The night would end… and their forever would begin.

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This Wedding Story was captured by: A Story in Time Photography- Jessie Cadenas and Tyler Wadsworth with the photography assistance of Stephanie Arellanes and Amanda Dyell.

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Venue: Brandview Ballroom, Glendale CA
Church: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Irwindale
Wedding coordinator: Rosa Lopez Events
Hair and Make- up: Marisol Marquez She caught the bouquet!
Florist: Criselda Respicio
Mariachi: Mariachi Real Azteca
DJ: DJ Thrive
Banda: Banda Hermanos Perez
Jazz band: The Happiness Band
Bentley: Five Diamonds Limousine
Cake: Artistic Cakes
Funnel Cake: The Fry Girl, Inc.
Invitations: Norma Invitations
Video: Xposure Films
Wedding dresses: Karoza Bridal
Tuxes: Friar Tux
Photo booth: Flawless Photo Booth
King/ Queen Chairs: Mellanie Party Rental

Love is always sent from heaven, but sometimes it sent indirectly via an angel. Nick has a picture of his sister in heaven tattooed on his arm. In the most incredible coincidence, a girl with a link to his sister brought Nick and Stacie together. She knew that they would be perfect together. Nick proudly admits that Stacie was the first girl he ever asked out. Even though other girls had asked him out and gone out with him, Stacie was the first girl he wanted. On their first date to Downtown Disney, he threw a coin in the wishing well and wished that she would always be his. His wish is coming true. There is no other man Stacie would ever want. Of course it would be at Downtown Disney where Nick would propose. An angel smiled, a wish was granted and Stacie said, “Yes,” to forever.

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Stacie loves Nick

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I remember asking them about their family plans during their engagement session. That little daydream that made them smile that day is about to be a reality. Roxane and Memo will be parents to a little girl named Ruby.

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Baby Ruby

Nick asked the cute girl if he could see her paper and Vita let the cute, quiet guy copy in economics, but that was as far as that connection went. It would be years later when they would find each other on My Space. Vita did what she did not dare to in high school and asked him out. Nick was in a relationship with someone else so he nicely turned her down. Months would pass and Vita asked him again. This time he was free. They went to BJ’s. They can still remember what each other was wearing..Vita was in jeans and black thermal and Nick was in jeans in a black shirt…Where they sat…three seats from the back, on the left side of the first row down the stairs. They talked about their favorite food and colors and reminisced about high school. They talked about their families and their values. The date ended without a kiss. Nick called her and Vita told him, “I wish you would have kissed me.” Nick answered, “I wish I would have kissed you too. I wanted to.” Their second date had the kiss and Nick knew then he would never kiss anyone else again.
Nick wanted to propose on the Ferris Wheel at Disneyland, but Vita kept anticipating and asking too many questions. So months passed and Nick took her to the Mission Inn for dinner, but the nerves got to him and he ended up taking her to the park. They walked around the bases. Each base represented each year they had been together. Home plate was the future and there is where Nick proposed. It was there was that Vita said yes to forever.

Nick and Vita


Robin’s, “something blue,” were her cowboy boots, and they were as vibrant as her happiness that day. She joked and played and even put her flower girl in her wedding dress. “On her wedding day, I’m going to give her this picture.” Her friends told her the antics they were seeing the groomsmen do from the window and she laughed, as she joyfully waited to become only his. Nicolas had cut his finger the day before and Robin had rushed him to the emergency room. (In sickness and in health.) If he felt pain in his bandaged finger, he did not show it, and instead messed around with his guys. As he waited for Robin, to walk up to him, he became anxious, but the look in his eyes changed and he smiled, the moment he got a glimpse of her. “I was fine the moment I saw her.” The beautiful hills of Oak Glen surrounded them as they enjoyed their first moments of husband and wife and started celebrating their, “Forever.”


Younkin Wedding