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    I believe the camera is the most incredible invention ever invented. It captures actual moments and emotions connecting those in the picture forever to the photographer, which is why I love it when the clients become my friends.
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    "A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we Love....Forever in a A Story in Time."

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Rocio wore the veil her mom had worn at her wedding. Her parents’ wedding picture hung on the wall behind her as she got ready. Her mom gave her a blessing and she was off to Cathedral to marry the kid who she had played with as a child and was now the man she loved. Armando kept his gaze steady with a slight smile on his face as she approached. Her mom removed her veil and he took her hand and escorted her to the altar where they would promise to love each other forever.
With the solemnity of Mass over, they ran off to play at the Disney Concert Hall, and with golf carts at Via Verde. Mariachi played and a Dj kept the party going. As the dancing got faster, it seemed that Armando and Rocio slowed down… their thoughts only for themselves. Their first day as husband and wife was coming to an end, but their, “forever,” was just beginning.

Rocío llevó el velo que había usado su mamá en su boda. La fotografía de boda estaba colgada en la pared detrás de ella mientras se arreglaba. Su mamá le dió la bendición y tomó camino a la Catedral a casarse on el niño con quien jugaba en su niñez y que ahora era el hombre quien amaba. Armando mantenía su vista fija con su sonrisa pequeña mientras ella se acercaba. Su mamá le quitó el velo y él tomó su mano y la llevó al altar donde prometerían amarse para siempre.
Con la solemnidad de la Misa terminada, se fueron a jugar a Disney Concert Hall y con carritos de Golf en Via Verde. Mariachi tocó y un DJ mantuvo la fiesta. Mientras el baile se apresuraba, se miraba como si Armando y Rocio se detenían.. perdidos en su pensamientos. Su primer día como hombre y mujer se estaba terminando, pero su, para siempre, comenzaba.

Make up Artist: Corin from Something New Hair and Makeup
Florist: Events by Floral Sensations.
Ceremony Venue: Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels
Wedding Venue: Via Verde Country Club
DJ: Ultimate Music Entertainment
Photographer: A Story in Time Photography

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I shot their wedding and have watched their family grow. They have an angel named Brandon, a princess named Belle and now another son is on the way… Brady. Um… He’s actually here. Brady was born as I was editing his mom’s maternity pictures. Something tells me he will be the one who is always ready to go. He will be the one who plays hockey with his dad, teases his big sister and runs away..or runs to protect her. He will be the the one my camera will chase. Blessed to do what I love.

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If I had to describe Elizabeth without taking a picture, I would say she was a cross between Snow White and Shirley Temple. She stares at you thoughtfully and the next second she is giggling. She teases her dog and loves her dog. One minute she is Daddy’s girl, comfortable is his arms and the next she is running after her mom in an adventure. I really do love this kid and I am blessed to do what I love!

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    Jesse is an amazing photographer who captures lifes special moments through the lens of her camera. She is a rare photographer that is artistic and very passionate about her work. My family was blessed to have Jesse and her assistant Jesse capture our moment. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we have. She is only a phone call away!

    Thank you Jesse and Jesse for capturing my family’s love moment!!!


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Little Mia had kept saying that her mommy was going to be a princess. She kept looking up at her mom and telling her she was pretty. She did the “First Look,” with her Daddy, running up to him and pulling on his tux. He picked her up as she giggled. The laughter did not stop there. You have to love a couple who gives each other a fist bump during Mass, and then as soon as it is over sneaks away and their first formals are of them messing around.

Makeup for the beautiful bride: Stefanie Lima
1 (323) 819-6477

Hair by Esmeralda Enriquez
1 (323) 807-8978

Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Reception Venue: Luminarias Restaurant

Florist: City of Commerce Flowers

And the Master of Ceremonies who kept us partying: Frank Delgadillo
Marvel Entertainment Mobile Dj and Co.

This Wedding Story was captured by: A Story in Time Photography

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Amanda was 9 years old and Andrew was 15 and the only thing they had in common was their love for ice hockey and that her step dad was his coach. Honestly, it was Amanda’s mom who was more smitten with Andrew. She would joke with him, that since he was a perfect gentleman, that one day he would marry her daughter.

Over the years, the hockey games came and went and they would see each other occasionally at the Ontario Ice Skating Center Rink. Whether it was cheering for games or Andrew being her ref and giving her penalties for no reason, “friends,” they remained.

Then the summer of 2014 came. Amanda had just graduated from College in Chicago. There she was having a nice conversation with him, suddenly noticing his sophistication and his good looks. Quickly her new mood changed, when Andrew asked her from what high school she had just graduated. Amanda realized, he still saw her as a little kid.

It would take a couple of months for Andrew to ask for her number, a week of texting, and canceling on meeting for drinks before they found themselves at the LA County Fair on their first date. It was at the San Dimas Rodeo where Andrew fell in love, but it would be at a fake camping trip where Amanda would fall in love with him. She couldn’t go camping because of school, so Andrew came over with little tent, a pretend fire and even downloaded music so it would sound like the fire was crackling. From that night, Amanda knew that Andrew was the man of her dreams.

Only a few short months would pass when they were in Vegas for a hockey tournament. Knowing how much her grandparents meant to Amanda, Andrew put them up in a hotel so they could enjoy watching them play. Amanda thought it was the sweetest thing, but she would later find out that they would be more than spectators of a game that day. Andrew got down on one knee on the ice in front of everyone and said, “I win, will you marry me?” The teenage boy who she barely noticed at the ice skating rink as a child was now the man before her proposing. Game over. And they both won. Amanda said, “Yes!”

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Rosie was getting ready to leave the party when Robert walked in. The first thing she noticed were his shoes. Yes. Shoes. She was a shoe girl and his were nice and clean. Then she noticed how great he smelled. The flirting began and numbers were exchanged and suddenly they were driving to the mountains for a first kiss. Plans for a real first date were underway.

Rosie admits to being ill- tempered and a bit impatient, so when Robert showed up SUPER late, she was ready to blow him off and cancel, but Robert from the beginning knew how to calm her down. Rosie found herself loving his patience and his sense of humor. While walking along the beach, she realized that what she had decided would be their first and last date would instead be the first of many. She was falling in love. What she didn’t know then was that Robert had been in love with from the moment he had seen her.

Destiny would throw a couple of crazy curb balls their way and they would become main protagonists in a Telenovela (a Spanish Soap Opera), but true love conquers all. Love does not make perfect people, love makes people perfect for each other.

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