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Baby Smash Cake Photography: Ruby turns 1 year old

Ruby was just a dream at Memo and Roxane’s engagement session, but I already knew that I loved her. At her parent’s wedding, I was so touched by the fact that they insisted on taking pictures with a very young guest in a wheelchair, before taking their formals. The little girl smiled proudly with her nurses. I knew they would be amazing parents. Ruby was born and she became the youngest flower girl at her Aunt Julia’s and Uncle Paul’s Wedding. She was carried by her mom down the aisle and her dad threw the flowers. Her aunt and uncle would become her godparents. It was a blessing to capture both of those Love and Wedding Stories. It is more of a blessing to remain in their lives as their friend, see their families grow and see their dreams come true.

Parents and photographers reading this… please note, the baby was in no danger of tipping over. She was being held by her uncle who was photoshopped out of both pictures.

This maternity/ family/ cake smash session was captured by A Story in Time Photography: Jessie Cadenas with the assistance of Carolina Becerril. If you are interested in having the photographers of A Story in Time capture your  Family, Engagement or Wedding Story please contact us through our website A Story in Time Photography.

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Lake Arrowhead Wedding: Michael and Lacey

In a suite in the beautiful Lake Arrowhead Resort, Lacey got ready beside her sorority sisters. They toasted and relived the memories of when they all met. Michael’s sisters joined in the laughter as they walked Lacey to see Michael. Michael, meanwhile, made jokes that maybe he could wear his cap for at least half of the ceremony. Little did he know that Lacey had bought him one with their wedding date embroidered. Lacey tapped him on the shoulder and Michael turned, a look of “awe,” and then a smile spread across his face.
Family and bridal party joined their happiness and it no time was there a moment of seriousness.

Ceremony began and the most adorable wagon ride, by Lacey’s nieces, made way for the bride to make her entrance.  Michael and Lacey were married beneath a beautiful arch of roses, under pine trees and overlooking a lake surrounded by those that loved them.

This Wedding Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography– Jessie Cadenas and Tyler Wadsworth, with the assistance of Jackie Martinez and Jesus Cadenas. If you are interested in having A Story in Time Photography capture your Engagement or Wedding, please contact us through our website.
Venue: Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa
Hair and Make-up: Fairytale Hair and Make-up
Florist: Cathy Ball; Hollywood Vines
Cake and desert bar: Sweet Art Bake Shop
DJ: Russ Messick; The Wedding Expert DJ
Photography: A Story in Time

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Mermaid Toddler Session: Brooke’s 2nd Birthday

I love her curiosity, her smiles, her laughter. She loves her mom and dad and if anyone is going to come between them, it’s her. Dressed in a mermaid costume at the beach, she proudly held two fingers up proclaiming her age. Brooke is two!

This session was captured by A Story in Time Photography: Jessie Cadenas and Jackie Martinez. Please visit our Website to contact us.

Brooke’s Gallery

Mt. Baldy Engagement: Corey loves Brittany

Brittany walked through the halls of Chaffey College and got a glimpse of the cutest guy she had ever seen. One night on Facebook, Corey came up on a mutual friends list. She stared at his picture and his name and pressed the friend request button. For Corey, it was love at first sight and he messaged Brittany. Soon they were texting and meeting in person on campus. Their first date was to the movies, but neither can remember what movie it was, what they do remember was that they agreed on the same things. They had similar goals and dreams. They even loved the same sports teams.
Brittany’s favorite movie was Titanic. So, of course, it would be at the Queen Mary where Corey would propose on their 6 year anniversary. Corey waited for it to be a little after sunset to walk around the boat. By the time they got to one of the upper decks, it was night time and they were standing near a guard rail, looking at the city lights. Corey helped Brittany get a better view. Within in a minute or two he tapped her lower back and she turned around to see him on one knee. He asked her “Will you be my Rose?”
The moment became surreal… They both teared up in a priceless moment of joy. It felt as if no one else was around, as if the moment was lasting for hours. What could have been a scene from a movie was instead very real…just like their love. Corey and Brittany are getting married!

This Love Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography. To see more pictures click the play button below.

Pasadena Wedding Photography: Alfred and Aracely

There was a mannequin named Becky, 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen who took a wild party bus ride, a bride who climbed a wall in a wedding dress and heels to stand on the edge of a ravine, an amazing grand entrance, an arm-stretched blessing by all the guests,  an emotional parent dance, a packed dance floor and the night ended with In N Out!

This Wedding Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography: Jessie Cadenas and Tyler Wadsworth. If you are interested in having the photographers of A Story in Time Photography capture your engagement or wedding, please contact us through our website or the contact button at the top of this post. We are blessed to do what we love!

Venue: Noor Pasadena
Coordination and Florist: A Touch of Lavender
Make up: Ivan
Hair: Marisol Marquez
Cake: Cake Sensations
DJ: Mike Medina Entertainment

Photography: A Story in Time Photography

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