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    I believe the camera is the most incredible invention ever invented. It captures actual moments and emotions connecting those in the picture forever to the photographer, which is why I love it when the clients become my friends.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and reading these true stories told in words and in pictures. Scroll down or go through the categories to see weddings, engagements or family sessions.
    "A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we Love....Forever in a A Story in Time."

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Their daughter played. She played with her dress, played with her bouquet and played going up the aisle. She was feeling the joy that everyone was feeling. Katie and Miguel’s closest family and friends had come to see them promise to love each other forever. In front of a beautiful lake and beneath big pine trees they held each other’s hands and exchanged vows. They smiled, laughed and of course played with their daughter.

Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1916
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1918
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1919
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1920
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1921
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1922
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1923
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1924
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1925
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1927

Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1929
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1930
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1934
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1932
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1933

Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1936
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1937
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1938
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1939
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1940
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1941
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1942
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1943
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1944
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1945
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1946
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1947
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1948
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1949
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1950
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1951
Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1952

Venue: Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa
Make up and Hair: Corin from Something New Make up and Hair
Wedding Photography: A Story in Time Photography -Jessie Cadenas and Stephanie Arellanes with the photography assistance of Monica Ulloa.

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He is the guy who understands, “light,” better than anyone. Grooms, and groomsmen love him.  He will patiently redirect a reflector and will climb on that chair, ladder…. or rock to take a group shot. He helps me, “steal,” golf carts and finds nothing wrong with racing the bride and groom in the other one. He never makes fun of me when I tear up during a wedding, but will always laugh with me on the ride home remembering the day. He captures amazing images for me. He is my first second photographer, but more importantly, he is my friend. Happy Birthday Tyler! Love ya!
Tyler Wadsworth_1892
Tyler Wadsworth_1894
Tyler Wadsworth_1895
Tyler Wadsworth_1893
Tyler Wadsworth_1896
Tyler Wadsworth_1897

Guillermo’s emotions were running high. He was late…late to his wedding. In just a few moments he was scheduled to see the woman he would vow to love forever and he still hadn’t put on his purple striped socks. He hugged his mom and she cried. Not because she was sad, but because she knew that her son’s happiness was only minutes away. Roxane slowly walked up to him. Her niece peeked through the window witnessing the event. Roxane tapped Guillermo on the shoulder, he turned and she wiped a tear away. “You’re beautiful,” he told her. She smiled and calmed him. In a few moments, they would be married. She would be walked up the aisle by her mother and father in a standing room only ceremony and pronounced husband and wife.

Secluded Garden Wedding_1865
Secluded Garden Wedding_1866
Secluded Garden Wedding_1867
Secluded Garden Wedding_1868
Secluded Garden Wedding_1869
Secluded Garden Wedding_1870
Secluded Garden Wedding_1871
Secluded Garden Wedding_1872
Secluded Garden Wedding_1873
Secluded Garden Wedding_1874
Secluded Garden Wedding_1875
Secluded Garden Wedding_1876

Hair and Make-up: Kaitlyn Wolf

Cake: Cakes to Celebrate

Florist: Soiree Design

DJ: Music Man Events

Caterer: Bekker’s Catering

Vidoeographer: Boffo Video

Photography: A Story in Time: Jessie Cadenas, Tyler Wadsworth with the photography assistance of Stephanie Arellanes.

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Coincidences are believed to be God’s small miracles. For Whitney and Jeff, God kept giving them chances to meet. Whitney’s friends went to his high school. They believed that they should meet but Whitney was shy. She went to college and so did he. Once again God sent people to introduce them.. She met his hall mate. She met his mother, but not Jeff. Then by chance on Facebook, she friended him. Unbeknownst to her, he was the guy they had all talked about, that everyone knew would be perfect for her. He was. God had sent the puzzle pieces and finally they had been put together.
Pasadena Wedding Photographers_1792

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Anna kept telling her love story while her make up was being put on… from meeting him to the proposal. Her happiness was contagious. Today she was marrying the man who made her happy, who got her… Steven never took his eyes off her as she walked up the aisle to him. Minutes later after their ceremony, they became guests as Anna’s parents renewed their 25 year vows. Two grooms very much in love and two beautiful brides… and an amazing cake fight! The bride thanked her parents for the example of love and the groom invited everyone back in 25 years to celebrate his silver and their gold anniversaries. Love does not count time… Love is there.

Ceremony Venue: Ontario Wedding Chapel
Reception Venue: Beverly Banquet Center
Florist: Rogers Flower Shop
DJ: Diversity Sounds
Cake: Ontario Bakery
Hair and Make Up: Cindy Ibarra
Photography: A Story in Time Photography: Jessie Cadenas, Tyler Wadsworth with the photography assistance of Monica Ulloa.

The bride’s bouquet smelled heavenly. Hawaiian flowers had been flown in. Alana carried her daddy’s picture in her Hawaiian bouquet. He watched from Heaven. Justin cried when he read her love letter. Their dog was their ring bearer. The groom’s sister was a bridesmaid, and then second later became their officiant. Their guests surprised them as they exited the ceremony with a Bruno Mars song and signs. Then came the sunset that they watch fall over a lake. Their first dance had the last bit of light of the day. Night brought more love and laughter. The bride danced with her uncles and I know her daddy smiled even though she cried. Love is forever…

Venue: Puddingstone
Make up and Hair: Makeup by Andrea
Officiant: Chelsie Lee (The Groom’s sister)
Cake Pops: Chiwees Cake Pops
Caterer: Rutt’s Cafe
DJ- Energy Events Pros
Photography: A Story in Time: Jessie Cadenas and Tyler Wadsworth with the photography coordination of Silvia Tarazón.

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  • Christian - September 8, 2014 - 9:42 am

    What an awesome looking wedding – I’ve never seen a Hawaiian themed wedding before. Awesome coverage from start to finish!ReplyCancel

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Holly opened the box and took out a framed picture from her engagement. Clint had written their love story on it. She bit her bottom lip and the tears began to fall as she read. “Holly, I’m so happy that you walked into the Polo Lounge on January 14th, 2012 and asked me to dance. Every day I have spent with you since that first dance has been filled with joy and happiness. I’m very blessed to have met best my friend that night. Since that night our friendship has grown into something more special than words can explain. You have become the love of my life. And on July 15, 2013 you made me the happiest man in the world when you agreed to become my wife. Today we are set to embark on a wonderful new journey together as husband and wife. This journey will take us on many adventures, but the one that I am looking forward to most is waking up every day next to my best friend and the love of my life. Holly, I love you with all of my heart and cannot wait to call you my wife. Love, Clint.”
A few moments later, Holly was walking up to him, tapping him on the shoulder and seeing the man she would marry. Clint turned and smiled and began kissing her over and over again.

I dared the bride to dance with the Hawaiian dancers. (Later her cousins would tell me… “Never dare Holly!”

This beautiful wedding took place at: The Catamaran Resort in San Diego.
Make up and Hair: The Catamaran’s Salon
Florist: Four Seasons Flowers
This wedding story was captured by: A Story in Time Photography- Jessie Cadenas, Tyler Wadsworth with the photography assistance of Stephanie Arellanes.

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  • Teresa K - August 22, 2014 - 9:51 am

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Austin waited for his beautiful bride to cross the bridge and tap him on his shoulder, so he could turn around and see her. Bernice smiled at her best friend. Austin kissed her, stepped back and admired her and kissed her again. Minutes later, their bridal party joined them and all fun began. Laughter and joy were in every moment. Surrounded by pine trees, in front of a creek Austin and Bernice promised to love each other forever.

Venue: Hidden Creek Pine Rose Cabins
Florist: Jasmine Rose
DJ: Dustin Fuseller from West Coast Flawless DJ’s
Photo Booth: Pix N Giggles
Cake: Niki’s Custom Cakes
Caterer: Graystone Catering
Bartender: John Craig

Photography: A Story in Time Photography- Jessie Cadenas, Tyler Wadsworth with the photography coordination of Priscilla Dueñas.

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    I Love these photos of Bernice & Austin! Thanks so much for sharing their story. Such a sweet couple & I really enjoyed watching them on their wedding day. They just brought so much joy to their event! They had a great time dancing and visiting. I was blessed to be a part of their event ;)ReplyCancel

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Julie and Billy stood next to each other. A few feet, an ivy wall and twenty minutes separated them. They reached out and held hands as rays of sun came down them as if blessing them. This was a wedding with a lot of examples of love and devotion. A record number of couples who had been married over thirty years would fill the dance floor in the anniversary dance. And if you think that all this serious love stuff was the theme of the party…you weren’t there. Love is fun, not serious. So when the best man pretended he couldn’t find the rings, when Billy smashed cake on Julie’s face, when the mother of the groom and the groomsmen took over the dance floor, this was also an example of love.

Julie and Billy did not want to see each other before the wedding so…..

Record number of couples dancing the anniversary dance. Many married over 30 years!

I think these guys were plotting something…

The beautiful venue: Ponte Winery in Temecula, California
Hair and Make-up: Taryn McCann Muah by Taryn, Matia and Vangela from The Grand.
Florist: Brenda Arthur from Performing Colors
DJ: Jason Jass from Visions Entertainment
Cake: Debbie McLaughlin from Cakes to Celebrate
Photobooth: Red Carpet Photo Booth
Photography: A Story in Time Photography- Jessie Cadenas and Tyler Wadsworth with the photography coordination of Silvia Tarazon.

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Her parents were out of town and so Anna threw a party. Little did she know that one of the boys that would show up that night would one day ask her to marry him. The second party Steven went to was for her birthday. He told Anna he had a present for her and asked if he could give it to her…it was a kiss. It would be the first of many.

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